oct 24, 2018

We are very glad to announce project Ramanujan beta for mobile devices (android & ios) this project is the first major project we are going to launch with some products and services built and orgranised by us to support our other projects and reward system for stake holders and in the mean time demonstrate what we mean by - " it pays to play".

Now ofcourse when we say our ICO is for a platform development it does not mean you have to wait for us to release a platform and our proof of work. Instead our working plan is to release various products and services and build a stairway for you to climb up securely. When we are rising the entire community is rising hence your safety is our responsibility.

Project Ramanujan is a way more than just a project for us and there is big reason why we say project Ramanujan Beta.

In the initial phase project ramanujan is going to use a telegram based database for safekeeping the information  and necessary datas and Euclid promotion program is going to promote projects on a controlled environment.

Later as we keep evolving the entire project keep evolving with us. The transition from telegram database to GEMS database.

Further the database for the reward system will be swapped with a GEMS Guardian that we have been working for a long time and requires no space  and could get the job done without a database system , about which we would like to stay silent due to piracy.

by Admin